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Burk Jackson



Burk Jackson - Founder

 In 2010, Burk left the for-profit commercial photography world and founded CreativeCares. CreativeCares matches creative professionals with nonprofit organizations who are in need of help with advertising, marketing and telling their story to the public. 

Burk led CreativeCares to be named the Best New Nonprofit in Oregon by Portland Monthly’s Light a Fire Awards 2011. He was also first runner-up at the AMD VISIONary of The Year Awards.

Burk’s photographic work was featured in a solo exhibition and fundraiser at Portland’s City Hall. At the event, his photographs of the The Meyhayo Centre for Disabled Youth in Tanzania brought awareness to how civic leaders and the creative class could work together to solve global issues.

Additionally, Burk was featured as part of the Best of 2010 by The American Society of Media Photographers for his innovative work combining the needs of the creative community and nonprofit organizations.

Burk lives in Portland, OR with his lovely wife and 3 wonderful children. Between work and family, Burk enjoys swimming, sailing, travel, and a quiet moment to himself over a good cup of coffee.


Allie Reed

Allie Reed – Communications Manager


Allie joined CreativeCares in 2012. She manages the matching process, is the voice of CreativeCares in web and social media outlets, and the primary contact for volunteers and nonprofit organizations joining CreativeCares.


Allie is a multifaceted creative – photographer, writer, social media and communications mover-shaker – molded swimmingly for the varied tasks we throw her way. Hailing from Vermont, you can find her cracking a joke, playing soccer, and running around Portland, Oregon with her dog, Banyan.


Hello everyone,

It pains me to say, with much sadness and trepidation, that CreativeCares will be going on hiatus.
Our organization faces challenges in funding and resources, while personally, I find it necessary to focus on other personal and professional needs. 

It has been a remarkable three and a half years and I certainly hope to continue the valuable work we've been doing in the communities we serve. When our situation improves, I will happily announce to the world that we are once again resuming our mission.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

We wish you all the best in your endeavors as Creatives and Nonprofit Organizations. Thank you for contributing to the greater good and being an important part of CreativeCares.



Burk Jackson | Founder | CreativeCares





We connect nonprofits with creative volunteers, so that together they can achieve a louder voice, a bigger presence and a greater ability to tangibly change the world.



There are hundreds of organizations worldwide that need the expertise of “creatives” — photographers, writers, graphic designers and production artists — to tell their story. In fact, without a powerful message, they cannot effectively reach the donors and volunteers they so desperately need, to effect real change.

The problem is that organizations working for social change are strapped for time, resources and funding. Many of these groups rely solely on charitable donations. Hiring a creative team is not a financial possibility. There are lots of worthy causes whose message is not being heard because of this.

That’s where CreativeCares comes in. Think of us as a matchmaking service for nonprofits and the creative community. We link an organization’s needs — social media strategy, photojournalism, web design, event planning, you name it — to creative professionals with the right skills and a passion for causes to work on a pro-bono basis.

With CreativeCares, they have the potential to find creative individuals in their own neighborhood, state, or even across the globe!

Nonprofits and creative professionals teaming up for the greater good — that’s what CreativeCares is all about.



About the Charitable Partnership Fund

About the Charitable Partnership Fund
The Charitable Partnership Fund (CPF) is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization incorporated in 1999. Its mission is to increase philanthropic activity. It does this through three basic programs: transaction services for non-profits; incubating and housing new ideas, services and projects for non-profit outreach by individuals and organizations; and social benefit investing to leverage altruistic and charitable dollars for human good (e.g. decreasing poverty or increasing education). Tax ID number for Creative Cares, as a program of the Charitable Partnership Fund, is #93-1267966