Creative Cares

Do-Gooder Awards






The Do-Gooder Awards are a venue for amazing creative pro-bono work to be showcased and to recognize all the creative professionals that


volunteer their talent to help causes they care about.


Nonprofits and creative professionals teaming up for the greater good — that’s what CreativeCares is all about. Think of us as a matchmaking service for nonprofits and the creative community. We link an organization’s needs — social media strategy, photojournalism, web design, event planning, you name it — to creative professionals with the right skills and a passion for causes to work on a pro-bono basis. With your support for this event, CreativeCares aims to fund a full time position for Allie Reed, our Communications Manager, who facilitates these matches. With Allie’s skills, we estimate that the overall impact of projects initiated by CreativeCares in 2014 will be more than $3.5 million.


The DoGooder Awards will highlight the absolute best in creative pro-bono work happening in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Connected with Portland Design Week, the event will draw a crowd that covers a diverse cross section of the creative community – and is a growing national audience. The night will have two components: a catered, sit-down dinner to be served while awards are presented, then the doors will open and the night will morph into a celebration with live music entertainment.

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