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Turning $50 into $14,650 worth of positive impact in our communities!



I've got something exciting I want to share with you! Something so exciting, not even the flu can keep me from typing this.

Last night, an Executive Director at one of our partner nonprofits told me just one CreativeCares project gave them a $23,000 boost in contributions! This past fall, one of our volunteers made a series of videos for them. And the results are incredible!
It’s so rewarding to see our efforts positively impacting the community in such a tangible way. This is just one example of how your contributions to CreativeCares help nonprofits and the communities they serve in a real, measurable and important way. Whether you've volunteered with CreativeCares, donated money to us, told a friend about us, or all of the above, it’s going a long way and making a real difference. And after all, we don’t give just to feel warm and fuzzy. We give to create lasting positive change--and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. Thank you!

This is an example of how big of an impact your contributions are making in the community—no matter how small. Whether you’ve volunteered, donated money, or both, it’s going a long way to making your community a better place for everyone.

For example, based on our contributions this year, in this one project your monetary contributions resulted in a 293% return on your investment — an increase that directly impacts Portland families and children.
We are excited to build on this momentum in the coming year, but we need you to help us, in order for CreativeCares to continue living out our mission. To accomplish our goals, we need to raise $8,000 by the end of this year. When you, your office or family make their charitable holiday contributions/sponsorships, will you please give whatever you can to CreativeCares?

In 2012, we plan on matching 250 qualified creative professionals to under-resourced nonprofit organizations who need them. The benefit to the community will be massive. CreativeCares also helps meet a huge need by overcoming the financial, and therefore creative, limitations nonprofits run into constantly.

Please give $50 right now if you can. Obviously, more can do more, but we greatly appreciate support in any amount. Do the most you can do. As you can see above, it goes a long way, and if we work together, it will go even farther in 2012.
Burk Jackson
Go into the world and do well. But more importantly,
go into the world and do good.”
Dr. Minor Myers, Jr.

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