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Support Our Cause

Support Our Cause

In the ecosystem of Portland and beyond, CreativeCares is a vital matchmaker for symbiotic relationships between creative volunteers and nonprofit organizations in need. Your donations build the foundation from which these relationships are formed, and the starting point from which monumental community impact is born.


As a small nonprofit, working behind the scenes in the creative and nonprofit communities, we're often asked how people can support us and where their support goes. Every dollar you donate goes to offset the time and cost it takes to facilitate the nonprofit projects, find the best volunteers, maintain our online presence and continue to do the daily work required to keep CreativeCares at the forefront of Creative Philanthropy. Although we accomplish tremendous things through the incredible generousity of our volunteers, there is a cost in both time and expense to do such meaningful work!


Your donation today of $25 will help us match a volunteer with a nonprofit in need. This investment in CreativeCares has a direct impact of $7,325 in average increased fundrasing for one of our partner nonprofits. If $25 can make such a strong impact, what could $100 do for the nonprofit community? A $100 donation would allow CreativeCares to indirectly impact the nonprofit community in the amount of $29,300. That's an incredible impact, isn't it? When CreativeCares is able to do what we do best, amazing things happen!

As an example, the Executive Director at one of our partner nonprofits, Portland Homeless Family Solutions, informed us that one CreativeCares project gave them a $23,000 boost in contributions! One of our volunteers made a series of videos for them and the results are incredible! Here is the video if you'd like to see it -

Portland Homeless Family Solutions - Families from Creative Cares on Vimeo.

It’s so rewarding to see our efforts positively affecting the community in such a tangible way. This is just one example of how your contributions to CreativeCares help nonprofits and the communities they serve in a real, measurable and important way. Whether you're interested in volunteering with CreativeCares, donating money to us, or telling a friend about what we do, it goes a long way, making a real difference. We give to create lasting positive change -- and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. Thank you!