Creative Cares

Graphic Designer : MotiveSpace

Nonprofit: MotiveSpace uses a variety of strategies to decrease costs for community benefit projects. Inspired by the history and spirit of barn-raising, MotiveSpace recruits and maintains a broad network of builders, building-related professionals and suppliers who are willing to discount or even donate their time or materials for projects they believe in.

MotiveSpace does not require a universal discount or pledge; rather, we ask professionals to provide “meaningful discounts for meaningful projects.” Some projects require vastly different amounts of time and energy than others; generally, the more time or liability involved with a project, the more difficult it will be to recruit professionals on a purely donation basis. Using this barn-raising model, however, MotiveSpace’s goal is to provide services to clients at rates significantly below their fair market value.

Need: A savvy graphic designer to help us finish a brochure and possibly a save-the-date postcard for an upcoming fundraising dinner.