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Wordpress Website : Education for Equality International

Nonprofit: The vision of Education for Equality International is that all women and girls have the right to access education, the ability to become self-empowered, to be included in community decision-making, and to live a life free of violence. Our mission is to increase girls' access to education in developing countries.

EEI provides financial support to girls who are at risk of never attending secondary school. We organize gender empowerment workshops with our students and local community leaders to overcome barriers that prevent girls going to school.

In our first year as an up-and-coming nonprofit, EEI will head to Rajasthan, India to work with community leaders and local schools to enroll young women in secondary education. Our goal is to find 10 students who are at risk of dropping out of secondary or never enrolling due to family financial constraints. Through sponsorship from donors these students will have a chance to attain higher education and become agents of change in their community.

Need: We need a volunteer to help develop our website using WordPress. I am hoping that someone can have a simple webpage ready by September 1 so that the blog part of the site can be regularly updated with our progress in India. The web development project is done at the volunteers home/office.


If you'd like to volunteer for this project, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !